Mela is a highly civilised nation in the world of Aer.


Mela is largely populated by humans, with small amounts of other civilised races such as elves, eladrin, dwarves, tieflings and halflings. Non-human races are culturally looked down upon, and this is a polarising issue in the far-reaching politics of the nation.


Mela is largely hilly, with large flat grasslands between places of note. Most towns are built on hills for their defensive attributes, as Mela is a nation that was formed out of war many centuries ago. Mountains are seen to the west, and a long coast dotted in ports sits on the east, facing the Melanese Sea. To its south lie The Dark Lands.



History & Culture

Mela is one the most civilised nations on Aer, with a forming centralised democratic government, taxes and an organised national militia. The political party to introduce most of these changes are The Ascended; historically a religious following of Bahamut, but now more easily recognised as a political party.

Their main opposition is The Guild of Culture, originally one of the many guilds of the nation, but now, after growing in support for their stance on racial equality, vie for power in the political arena.

Political parties

The Ascended
The Guild of Culture
True Ascended
Kobold Empowerment League


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