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  • Mela

    Mela is a highly civilised nation in the world of [[Aer |Aer]]. h3. Population Mela is largely populated by humans, with small amounts of other civilised races such as elves, eladrin, dwarves, tieflings and halflings. Non-human races are culturally …

  • The Ascended

    The Ascended are a political group in [[Mela|Mela]]. They are currently in control, with a large majority vote. Their detractors claim that they gain the vote (and therefore power) by using fear-mongering tactics and racial hate. The latter is …

  • Littleport

    Littleport is a town in [[Mela|Mela]]. It is an unassuming port, with a guard house, town hall, guild of culture headquarters and plenty of inns for weary sailors and travellers. Littleport is situated in the [[Lumberia|Lumberia]] province.

  • Lumberia

    Lumberia is a largely wooded province in [[Mela|Mela]], situated at the south of the east coast. h3. Towns & Places of Note [[Littleport|Littleport]] Town of Timbers Richmond Vale

  • The Guild of Culture

    The Guild of Culture is a political party of [[Mela|Mela]]. The Guild of Culture began as one of the many tradespeople guilds in Mela, but has recently grown in membership and influence when it took an opposing stance to the current government, [[The …

  • Kobold Empowerment League

    The Kobold Empowerment League is a fringe group in Melanese politics. Bolstered by the rise to power of [[The Guild of Culture|The Guild of Culture]], the KEL joined under the banners of equality; specifically that of the kobolds, a typically evil …

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