The Land of Mela

Krayd the Butcher

Talk about a hostile working environment...

The heroes ventured deeper into the mysterious underground lair below The Guild of Culture, and soon found an office with many books, a work table, paints and inks… and a middle-aged man, whom they questioned.

The man revealed he was hired as a propaganda specialist, promoting The Guild’s message in Littleport. Lady Cinders, however, found a damning unfinished letter in the workman’s library. It was address to “my queen”, and detailed progress on a secretive “Project Hatred”. The man would not offer any more information, but under great duress, pointed them in the direction of Krayd, the overseer of the lair.

The party tied up the man, and approached the office. Krayd was ready for them. A strong, virile orc, he and the two kobolds who escaped earlier were waiting behind the door and attacked the heroes as they entered.

A long and arduous battle followed, but eventually the party overpowered and killed Krayd and his minions. They found on his person notes regarding another secret passage… under the statue of Lolth they found in the lair.



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