The Guild of Culture

The Guild of Culture is a political party of Mela.

The Guild of Culture began as one of the many tradespeople guilds in Mela, but has recently grown in membership and influence when it took an opposing stance to the current government, The Ascended.

The cause of the difference regarded the status of non-human citizens of Mela. The Ascended tolerate non-humans, but their is an underlying (and sometimes overt) racism towards them. While not always unfounded, The Guild of Culture abhors this stance of injustice from a powerful entity so focused on the law.

The Guild has been known to hire non-humans favourably over more qualified humans, so as to empower them. This has largely been successful, but many affordances have been made that may not prove to be wise. Members of staff are often incompetent or easily bribed, and known criminals have been given highly ranked positions with no public explanation.

The Guild of Culture

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