The Ascended

The Ascended are a political group in Mela. They are currently in control, with a large majority vote.

Their detractors claim that they gain the vote (and therefore power) by using fear-mongering tactics and racial hate. The latter is noticeable enough as part of the culture of Mela: the population is 95% human, and other races are largely working class or beggars, and looked down upon.

The Ascended got their name as a religious group, worshipping the dragon god Bahamut. Their mantra is “holiness through law”. They no longer require their members to be worshippers of Bahamut, however most of the population in Mela worships him, although rarely with fervor.

Recently, The Ascended have called in the patrols of the militia, increasing their presence in the townships in the land. Their reasoning is unknown, but the roads are more dangerous because of it. There is also a rumour of a secret slave trade operated by The Ascended, although no evidence has supported this claim.

The Ascended

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