Avani is a free nation in the world of Aer.


Avani is home to millions of people, in small dwellings often characterised by race or religion. The population is incredibly varied in terms of race, moreso than any other nation in the world. No race holds a majority of the population, and practically every civilised race can be found somewhere in the nation.


Avani is largely forested, with vast forests and jungles encompassing small villages, hamlets and encampments. The north coast is less densely covered, and thrives from international trade. The south coast is treated as a wilderness, as even small communities are eventually overcome by either roaming monsters or seafaring brigands with no home. The west is particularly dangerous, as the vast jungle there borders on The Dark Lands, a historic battleground with a sustained threat level of monsters, evil races and dark cultish activity.

History & Culture

Avani is a dangerous place to live, but its people are hardy and welcoming. Its largest export is adventurers; a class of folk who find their way in life through monster hunting and people saving. Avani has not seen war in hundreds of years, but it is not uncommon for a minor territory dispute between neighbouring factions. These fights have never been racially or religiously motivated; such fear-mongering or diversionary tactics have no place in a land where you might wake up next to a roaming, hungry owl-bear.


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