The Land of Mela

Into the Dark
Who put this Dungeon in my D&D?

Under The Guild of Culture building in Littleport, our heroes had found a secret underground lair…

… which has a secret underground lair.

Descending again, the party found a labyrinth of black corridors. Making turn after turn, they entered a small room with a fire… that turned out to be a fire trap. Locked in the small space with a growing fire, Gest Karr panicked, and raged, and blew the magically-locked door down. Into a room full of kobolds.

The party, happy to be out of the fire, made short work of the eleven kobolds in their home. They made to leave the room, only to be beset upon by a pack of giant rats and spiders.

With danger around every corner, this could be their greatest trial yet…

Krayd the Butcher
Talk about a hostile working environment...

The heroes ventured deeper into the mysterious underground lair below The Guild of Culture, and soon found an office with many books, a work table, paints and inks… and a middle-aged man, whom they questioned.

The man revealed he was hired as a propaganda specialist, promoting The Guild’s message in Littleport. Lady Cinders, however, found a damning unfinished letter in the workman’s library. It was address to “my queen”, and detailed progress on a secretive “Project Hatred”. The man would not offer any more information, but under great duress, pointed them in the direction of Krayd, the overseer of the lair.

The party tied up the man, and approached the office. Krayd was ready for them. A strong, virile orc, he and the two kobolds who escaped earlier were waiting behind the door and attacked the heroes as they entered.

A long and arduous battle followed, but eventually the party overpowered and killed Krayd and his minions. They found on his person notes regarding another secret passage… under the statue of Lolth they found in the lair.

The Guild of Culture... and Mystery
If you're my friend, why do you have a secret base?

After defeating the apprentice dark wizard, the heroes took evidence of his activity and defeat back to The Guild of Culture in Littleport. However, as they arrived they noticed a group of True Ascended approaching the building, weapons drawn.

They defended the guild from the cultists, and were soon rewarded by the worried politicians inside. While talking to the victims, they noticed something wasn’t right… the politicians were acting very unnaturally. After sneakily looking around, the heroes found a secret hatch door under a rug.

Arousing the politicians suspicion, the party left them to go to the nearby inn. However, in the early hours of morning, they sneaked back in (Lady Cinders having to distract a guard with a slightly different method) and went down the hatch.

They were set upon by kobold guards! They managed to overpower the guards, and send one or two running, killing the rest. But where were they? Why did The Guild of Culture have a secret underground base? Why did they have a monster militia in their employ?

Littleport Trouble
It's not long before adventurers find adventure.

The heroes, after spending the night in a quiet inn near the docks of Littleport, ventured out into the town the next day. Keeping the captain of the slaver ship as hostage, Arrach and Lady found an alleyway to hide in and await the others, who went in search of answers. Who captured them? What was to be done with them?

Rizwad and Addison soon found the Town Hall, and without revealing too much about themselves, learnt about the town and the surrounding area. They bought two maps; one of Aer and the other of Lumberia.

Meanwhile, the heroes in the alley questioned the captain. She wouldn’t give up any answers, but offered to take them to her masters as a bargain for her life. The party refused, and cut her throat. They fed her body to Skratt and sent him off to collect the other two. They never learnt the captain’s name.

Rizwad and Addison found a job board for mercenaries and adventurers, and one quest piqued their interest: to explore a nearby graveyard, as their had been reports of magical disturbance in the area. The job posting was by The Guild of Culture.

When the party reconvened, they set off to the graveyard, and were set upon by a wizard’s apprentice, who summoned lesser elementals and animated skeletons to his cause. After defeating the apprentice, they took his cloak, ready to present it to their employers.

Breaking the Shackles
Our adventure begins

All of our characters are from their respective towns and villages in the free nation of Avani. During a series of organised raids, each of the characters were taken in the middle of the night, tied up and put on a ship headed for the neighbouring nation of Mela.

During the journey, the heroes overheard that the slavers were being paid by the political party currently in control in Mela, The Ascended! They were to be used as slaves for secret governmental projects…

At the start of our first session, a mysterious drow man silently boarded the ship as it arrived in dock at Littleport . Dispatching the guards of the heroes’ containment cell, he quietly released the heroes (and a fellow prisoner, the imp Skratt). He allowed the heroes to collect their weapons, and left as quickly and quietly as he came.

It was the up to the heroes to fight their way off the boat and into the troubling land of Mela. After successfully overwhelming the ship’s men, they took the ship’s captain as a hostage, for later questioning. Skratt also joined the party as a scout, although they did not trust him fully.


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