The Land of Mela

The Guild of Culture... and Mystery

If you're my friend, why do you have a secret base?

After defeating the apprentice dark wizard, the heroes took evidence of his activity and defeat back to The Guild of Culture in Littleport. However, as they arrived they noticed a group of True Ascended approaching the building, weapons drawn.

They defended the guild from the cultists, and were soon rewarded by the worried politicians inside. While talking to the victims, they noticed something wasn’t right… the politicians were acting very unnaturally. After sneakily looking around, the heroes found a secret hatch door under a rug.

Arousing the politicians suspicion, the party left them to go to the nearby inn. However, in the early hours of morning, they sneaked back in (Lady Cinders having to distract a guard with a slightly different method) and went down the hatch.

They were set upon by kobold guards! They managed to overpower the guards, and send one or two running, killing the rest. But where were they? Why did The Guild of Culture have a secret underground base? Why did they have a monster militia in their employ?



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