The Land of Mela

Littleport Trouble

It's not long before adventurers find adventure.

The heroes, after spending the night in a quiet inn near the docks of Littleport, ventured out into the town the next day. Keeping the captain of the slaver ship as hostage, Arrach and Lady found an alleyway to hide in and await the others, who went in search of answers. Who captured them? What was to be done with them?

Rizwad and Addison soon found the Town Hall, and without revealing too much about themselves, learnt about the town and the surrounding area. They bought two maps; one of Aer and the other of Lumberia.

Meanwhile, the heroes in the alley questioned the captain. She wouldn’t give up any answers, but offered to take them to her masters as a bargain for her life. The party refused, and cut her throat. They fed her body to Skratt and sent him off to collect the other two. They never learnt the captain’s name.

Rizwad and Addison found a job board for mercenaries and adventurers, and one quest piqued their interest: to explore a nearby graveyard, as their had been reports of magical disturbance in the area. The job posting was by The Guild of Culture.

When the party reconvened, they set off to the graveyard, and were set upon by a wizard’s apprentice, who summoned lesser elementals and animated skeletons to his cause. After defeating the apprentice, they took his cloak, ready to present it to their employers.



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