The Land of Mela

Into the Dark

Who put this Dungeon in my D&D?

Under The Guild of Culture building in Littleport, our heroes had found a secret underground lair…

… which has a secret underground lair.

Descending again, the party found a labyrinth of black corridors. Making turn after turn, they entered a small room with a fire… that turned out to be a fire trap. Locked in the small space with a growing fire, Gest Karr panicked, and raged, and blew the magically-locked door down. Into a room full of kobolds.

The party, happy to be out of the fire, made short work of the eleven kobolds in their home. They made to leave the room, only to be beset upon by a pack of giant rats and spiders.

With danger around every corner, this could be their greatest trial yet…



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