The Land of Mela

Breaking the Shackles

Our adventure begins

All of our characters are from their respective towns and villages in the free nation of Avani. During a series of organised raids, each of the characters were taken in the middle of the night, tied up and put on a ship headed for the neighbouring nation of Mela.

During the journey, the heroes overheard that the slavers were being paid by the political party currently in control in Mela, The Ascended! They were to be used as slaves for secret governmental projects…

At the start of our first session, a mysterious drow man silently boarded the ship as it arrived in dock at Littleport . Dispatching the guards of the heroes’ containment cell, he quietly released the heroes (and a fellow prisoner, the imp Skratt). He allowed the heroes to collect their weapons, and left as quickly and quietly as he came.

It was the up to the heroes to fight their way off the boat and into the troubling land of Mela. After successfully overwhelming the ship’s men, they took the ship’s captain as a hostage, for later questioning. Skratt also joined the party as a scout, although they did not trust him fully.



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